Pot-Bellied Pigs

We can safely treat and care for your pot-bellied pig pet, including spay and neutering services.

We recommend altering your pig companion between 8-16 weeks of age before they become too large. While the procedure for your pig is essentially the same as with dogs and cats, it does require that a veterinary professional experienced with these pets perform the operation. In addition to preventing unwanted litter of piglets, spaying or neutering your pot-bellied pig has other benefits: 

  • Prevents testicular and prostatic cancer in males
  • Prevents uterine, ovarian and mammary cancer in females as well as cystic ovaries
  • Curbs unwanted marking mating behaviors in males/heat cycles and marking in females
  • Pet is less likely to roam

Have questions about spaying or neutering your pig or want to schedule an appointment? Call us at 561-395-4030.