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Our Mission
Our organization is dedicated to providing outstanding veterinary medical services. Our main objective is to achieve superb pet healthcare from preventative medicine to emergency and critical care. Furthermore, we focus on delivering our animal care in an individualized and personalized manner that is tailored to the unique and specific needs of your pet patient.

Our Vision
Our goal as an outstanding pet healthcare provider is to promote your pet’s well-being and provide a good quality and long life to maximize your time with your pet.

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Boca Palms Animal Hospital is a well-established, full-service, veterinarian serving Boca Raton, the Southern Palm Beach County and surrounding area providing comprehensive veterinary services including medical, surgical and dental care. We are well prepared to assist with all walk-in cases, including urgent care and emergency vet treatment as well as our regularly scheduled appointments.

Meet Our Team

Meet Our Team

Boca Palms Animal Hospital staff members are dedicated to providing the finest up-to-date veterinary care for the well-being of your pets, from preventative medicine to complex medical cases. We provide our clients with access to leading edge products, services and beyond. At the Boca Palms Animal Hospital, we strive to offer not only sound advice but also optimal veterinary care, thus allowing you the enjoyment of your animal companion for a maximum number of years. Our job is not only to treat your pet when he or she isn’t feeling well but also to help you learn how to keep your best friend happy and healthy.

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