You Have To Visit Your Veterinarian In Boca Raton Because You Fed The Wrong Food Item To Your Dog

Everybody loves to spoil their dogs, many times by giving them tasty treats. But the foods you find tasty and perhaps even healthy might be dangerous for your dog. And the last thing you want is to have to visit your veterinarian in Boca Raton because you fed the wrong food item to your dog. Here are few foods you should never feed Fido, no matter how cute he looks.

Ice Cream

Just like in humans, there are dogs who suffer from lactose intolerance. But even if your dog is not lactose intolerant, it is not a good idea to give them foods high in sugar content. The problems humans have with obesity and diabetes is becoming increasingly mirrored in dogs. Consider this: Research has shown that around 35 percent of American dogs are overweight.


It is common knowledge that chocolate is bad for dogs. While chocolate may cause a number of health issues including seizures and excessive thirst, your dog will need to eat a lot of chocolate to be in any real danger. As bad as chocolate is for dogs, dark chocolate is even worse.

Salty Foods

It is so much fun tossing your dog a potato chip or popcorn, but you really need to limit the amount you give him. A few chips or pieces of popcorn isn’t going to cause a problem, but excess amounts of salt can cause seizures, tremors and even death.


While avocados are a tasty and healthy food for humans, it can upset your dog’s tummy. It’s best to keep the guacamole to yourself.