Avoid Having To Take Your Pets To Their Boca Raton Emergency Vet Too Often

Anyone who has ever owned a cat or a dog hope for one thing, that their pet leads a long and healthy life. They wish to avoid having to take their pets to their Boca Raton emergency vet too often. Here are a few tips that will help ensure your pet lives a long and healthy life.

Pets fed a high-quality diet will have healthy skin, a shiny coat and bright eyes. A healthy diet will also help strengthen your pet’s immune system, keep their joints and muscles healthy and maintain intestinal health, So yes, just like us, a good diet is very important in staying healthy. If your pet is overweight, the risk for a myriad of health issues runs rather high. The number one nutritional disease seen in pets is obesity, and it can shorten the life expectancy of your pet by as much as two years. Obesity increases the risk of heart disease and diabetes as well as puts an increased strain on joints.

All pets require regular visits to the vet for checkups. Veterinary care goes far beyond just vaccinations, a routine exam can uncover health issues you probably aren’t aware of. In many cases, early diagnosis it the key to a successful treatment. In addition, early treatment will also save you money because it is less costly to treat a condition before it has become advanced.

Oral health issues your pet suffers are not only painful but are also associated with other health issues including kidney and heart disease. In addition to ensuring regular dental checkups, you need to be proactive in the fight to keep your pet’s teeth clean. If toothbrushes are out of the question, there are alternatives including dental diets, dental toys and dental treats. If you have any questions about your pet’s oral health, check with your vet.

You might think you are doing your pet a big favor when you let them roam around the neighborhood unsupervised. But what you are really doing is unnecessarily exposing them to any number of dangers including predation, automobile accidents and exposure to poisons. Even if you own a cat, you should not allow it to freely roam the neighborhood, the result could be devastating.

Following these tips will help your pet lead a long and healthy life.