Assure Your Dog Lives A Full And Happy Life By Taking Him To Your Boca Raton Veterinarian

A dachshund mix named Max lived to be 29 years old, and was named the world’s oldest living dog at the time. Now, you should not expect your dog to live to such an age, but you do have a huge influence on how long your dog will stick around this earth. The first step in assuring your dog lives a full and happy life is by taking him to your Boca Raton veterinarian on a regular basis. Now, here are a few more tips on how to help your dog live longer.

A Healthy Diet

It’s a fact, dogs who eat less live longer. According to a recent study, dogs who were raised with a more restrictive diet, 25 percent less than the recommended amount of food, lived an average of two years longer than the dogs who were fed more. Dogs who are overweight are more likely to develop heart disease and other health conditions that often lead to an early death. In addition, the quality of food you feed your dog also has an impact on life expectancy.

Plenty of Exercise

A good diet is just part of what your dog needs to stay healthy and live longer, there also needs to be plenty of exercise. Exercise has been proven to balance moods, lower stress and increase endorphins in both humans and in dogs. In addition to a daily walk, you should find a place where your dog can romp around without a leash.

The time you spend with your dog is precious, so do what you can to extend these moments you have together.